Monday, December 12, 2016

Night Sky

I love that the night sky is putting on its best for the holidays.  Meteor showers and a full moon this week, what a gift!  Driving home from class tonight, we would drive through patches of fog, but you could see the moon shinning down...incredible gift of beauty.

Some of my yoga students tonight gave me Christmas gifts.  I am always touched by their kindness and thoughtfulness.  Several of them have taken classes with me for years.  They have become a family of sorts.

A long day, and I am starving.  Lunch was about 7 hours ago, oh my.   I hope your Monday has been
a good one, may the rest of your week give you what you need.  Don't forget about the full moon and the meteor showers.

1 comment:

  1. The moon was big this morning, it lit my path to the barn... I'll be looking out for the meteor shower but through the window. It's cold out here this morning
    Hugs, Julia