Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Changes

A day of Christmas chores after teaching my morning class.  Shopping, searching for a tree and finally after realizing how devastating the drought and heat was for our local Christmas tree farm we settled for the first time ever on an artificial tree.  It was a tough decision to make, but hopefully next year our local tree farm will have a bountiful harvest.  We can always use the fake tree on the side porch.  What can I say, I am always talking about change, we deal with it daily in small ways as well as big ones.

I have most of the cards sketched and tomorrow I will paint.  I mailed a couple to our friends in Ireland this morning.  I keep hoping that one year we can celebrate Christmas there.

A full moon on this cold winter's night.  The clouds moved out this afternoon and the stars are twinkling.  I have listened to some of my favorite Christmas music today and finally the funk that seemed to have wrapped me tightly has loosened its grip.

Hump day has been a good one.  Sometime in the next few days Jordan will come over and we will decorate the tree.  Stay warm and cozy tonight, sweet dreams of peace.


  1. I've got most of my decorations done but the tree is still not up. Maybe tomorrow. I'm glad you finally got a design that you are pleased with.

  2. We went to an artificial tree after my Grandson Cameron was born and has an allergy to pine trees..only when indoors or else he'd never be able to visit us! It's bitter cold here today. The high on my car temp was 11de and it's very windy..brrrr! But your post gave me a warm holiday feeling and all's good! Enjoy your tree decorating!