Sunday, December 18, 2016

Good Will and Peace

Just a little north of us, there was a dusting of snow today.  We got cold rain and sleet, but it sure feels like Christmas.  Rick felt well enough that we made it to our local production of the The Nutcracker.
Our nephew James, his wife Andrea and their four children were all in it.  So much fun and I love seeing a production of The Nutcracker, it always puts me in the Christmas spirit.

A quick walk with dogs in the cold and the rain, so I promised them a run tomorrow.  I snapped a picture of one my favorite trees down by the barn.

Stay warm and dry, if your week involves travel, stay safe.  Wishing you a week of peace on earth, good will toward all men.

1 comment:

  1. Your forest photo looks like Fall. Beautiful leaves. Here everything is white and cold. In a few days, the daylight will start to get longer.

    Nutcracker is a fun production to watch and even more fun when you know the actors.