Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Full Classes

My classes at work and the community center have been full this week.  I know at the community center the beginning of the New Year always brings new people wanting to see some sort of change in their health.  Classes at work are different, some come because it is part of their recovery program, but most come because they find rest and peace.

My group today is just awesome.  They come early, and I have to make them leave...believe me, that is a great problem to have.  The class has grown so much, Thursday we are moving to a bigger room.
They dynamics of each group I teach changes as the population at the facility changes.  Some embrace my classes as this group has done, others keep their distance.  It is ok, there is a yin and a yang to it all.  My thoughts are, those who need it, will come.

After an 80 degree Christmas day, it is finally cooling down a wee bit.  I know there are so many who love warm winters, but they just make me disagreeable.  I feel jumpy and out of sorts when it is warm in winter.  I suppose it is a good thing I can't control the weather.  :)

Tomorrow is my early day and hump day.  This year is leaving fast, just a few more days and 2017 will be here.  It will be interesting to see what the New Year brings.  I hope there is joy, peace and harmony and good will to all.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

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  1. I hope the New Year brings you all your heart desires.
    Happy New Year.