Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1

April 1......April Fool's Day

April 1......tiny little violets are blooming, I love their color and fragrance

April 1......April showers headed our way

April 1......early Easter

April 1......Samantha, Jordan's mom is 25 tomorrow......time flies

April 1......started the cleaning of the closet today, it is a lengthy process

April 1.....beginning  to get the gardening itch, but must practice self-restraint, still a danger of frost

April 1.....white jeans are ready to wear, and long flowing skirts beckon

April 1..... dogwoods are about to bloom, the apple trees will be next

April 1.....spring is here, I hope it comes your way soon

April 1..... a full moon Saturday night

April in Alabama it can be a month of beauty, but also ugly and deadly, tornado season is upon us

April 1....a new month, a new opportunities


  1. Happy April 1 to you! I pray no tornados...none in March was a good thing. My oldest kiddo and his family are in Alabama this week and really enjoying it. Take care and I hope you feel good too.

  2. Tiny Violets are beautiful things.
    April showers are nice too, if without wind and cold air.
    May God protect you guys from tornado season.
    We had snow here in New York yesterday but it was sunny too, so we are hopeful

  3. I like it when something blind sides me with a new prospective. I may never look at April first the same again. Thanks.

  4. Your April 1 is anything but foolish. ery nice list.

  5. I hope the month of April brings you beauty and no destruction. Stay safe and well.
    Happy April.