Tuesday, April 7, 2015

As It Should

There had been changes at work, and for the past few days I had felt adrift.......unsure about my classes,  and the days to come.  But I took a deep breath, did a gratitude ceremony, thought about the students needs and mine, talked with my bosses and so far all is working out as it should.

I have to remind myself not to get in the way of the universe, and it's workings.  I am just like many of you, when things change, my first instinct is to try to find a way to control.......silly me.
Truly, when we step back, decide what we want for ourselves and others and then hand it over to the powers that be.......it all works out.....just as it should.

Fear of change and the unknown can stop our lives in its tracks.......we can freeze and imagine the worst or we can look at the whole picture, figure out our needs/wants, do the things we can do......and then step aside with a leap of faith that all will be......as it should.

Tomorrow is my off day......my plans......to hang with the dogs and Rick, maybe Jordan and Sam.....and life will be.....as it should.


  1. This is one of the most profound things I have ever read. I too resist change often to find that if I had welcomed it I would have enjoyed it from the beginning.

  2. This hits home for me as last year and this one have been filled with changes. I hope you had an enjoyable day off.

  3. Thanks ya'll, I appreciate your kind words.