Thursday, April 9, 2015

Be Safe

 The air was thick with yellow pollen today.  Every one was sneezing, coughing or had a headache.....the combination of pollen and a storm system moving in  has played havoc with our bodies.  Today's yoga classes were about as therapeutic as you can get.......

For those of you north of us tonight, watch guys here say you all are in  for a rough ride.  Be safe.

Not only were my students not well today, I am feeling a little under the weather too......a nasty headache has latched onto my skull.  A short post tonight.

Be safe and keep your eyes on the sky.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams



  1. Rest well and feel better in the morning.

  2. Hope that headache went away. We did have some nasty stuff and lost power early this morning..but all's well here. Not far from my Mom in Chicago they had some horrible tornados. Really scary! Mom and family are all well and no damage from the storms thankfully. My sister is babysitting 2 of her grandkiddos and her grandson cried all night because he was so afraid of the lightning and thunder..poor little guy!