Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Always Learning

Always learning......probably if I had a mission statement for my life, that would be it.....well and throw in a little kindness with the learning.

I try to learn something new every might just be fact or some trivial note, a new recipe, information about addiction, work on a new song, a new technique in painting.......just something new......a different meditation, or breathing technique.......I believe with all my heart that we should never stop learning, as along our brain is functioning, learning is imperative.

Jordan had some allergy issues this week, so he spent a couple of days home with me......watching him made me envious.  He is like a sponge, constantly soaking up new things, information, experiences all day long.  About every hour, I would look at him and, to process that much information, to be that hungry to learn is amazing.

I have always been curious and I think being curious helps the learning process......there have been times in our marriage that I am sure all my questions drove Rick crazy......and my logic is not always the most logical.  :)   I probably would have made a really good detective or researcher.

I believe learning keeps us young ( in heart and spirit) and I also believe it helps with self-esteem and personal happiness.   I have friends who have learned a new word a day for years, others who have mastered cross-word puzzles ( my sister Pat, comes to mind on that one) what ever your passion is, never lose it, never fail to continue is vital for your survival.


  1. It is a sorry day when we learn nothing. I find that I can glean a new bit of knowledge from each person I see.

  2. I've learned a lot here since I'm on Blogger and I'm on here every day so I too must be learning something new every day.

  3. Working in surgery helps me learn new things each day..even today I learned a new technology and equipment lesson. Crossword puzzles are not my thing but Jack does them every day...I'm betting that means one of us will have a better aged brain...and I'm not thinking it's going to be me! Ha! Have a good weekend!