Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The sun came out this afternoon, the skies became blue, white fluffy clouds appeared........I started teaching my class, and the exhaustion disappeared.  There is something about service, about helping others that truly is transforming.  You can be depressed, angry, sad, hopeless, racked with guilt, or sorrow.......and helping others is a game changer.

I have some students at work, who truly needed all that yoga can give........the mind,body connection, the peace, the joy, the awareness, the inward journey......the past two days, they have found their path and it shows in their faces.  For me, the grief became much less pronounced today......helping others, being of service, brought me back to now.....helped me to let go and remember that my friends are no longer suffering.

I often tell my students that if they want to experience a change in their someone, be of service to someone.......we lose ourselves when we help others......usually our thoughts and troubles  fade in comparison to others.  It has been proven by science that helping others, makes us feel better.

Today is Wednesday, hump day if you will........I hope the rest of your week brings you the opportunity to help someone else.......I hope tomorrow you have blue skies and sunshine.....and I hope you remember, we are not alone.....we all face problems, we all have fears and needs......we are all human.


  1. I often tell people to have their children learn about giving by starting small. Help an older neighbor to mow the lawn or shovel snow (no charge, thank you). Offer to run errands. Offer to help them around their houses with light chores. Not only are those helpful the the neighbor but often a friendship is a result. It is rewarding for both sides.

  2. You're so right Jilda. It's in giving that we receive. The positive energy that we receive for serving is very therapeutic.
    Hope you feel better today.

  3. I wish there was a mandatory class on service in every school. Maybe that's why I think Boy Scouts is a good organization because service is a huge part of the program. It does make you feel better. Reaching out instead of reaching in...good stuff! Take care!