Monday, April 20, 2015

Five Years

Five years ago tonight, I started a journey that has been life changing.......I wrote the first entry in Transformation Information.   This journey was started as a way to help my students.......but I believe it has changed my life  in more ways than it could ever change my students or yours.

At first, it was so difficult, I wrote from the heart, but there were times I needed to filter my thoughts and words......I wrote about hard subjects, tough life scenarios,tears.....but I have also written about great joy, laughter and fun times.  Transformation is not always serious.

As the years have gone by, I never really spent much time building an audience......I felt that the ones who needed me, the readers I needed......would find me.....and they have.  I have made friendships that I think will last a life-time, though so many of you I have never met.

You all have been there in my dark moments, though the hours spent in the big green chair and all the days of sickness that followed for the past three years.  You sent me prayers and support when I made the decision to stop treatment a few months ago......and I know you still pray for me and send me good thoughts for my health.

Five years.......honestly, I can't believe I'm still here writing, I can't believe you are still reading me.  I hope that my words and sometimes pictures have helped you on your journey.....and that in some small way, I have given you Transformation Information.

I am grateful for these five years......for all of you who read and leave comments......I am humbled
by your loyalty.......I hope our next five years together will be even more transforming ........
thank you for an incredible five years.  It has gone by so fast....... Blessings of good health, and great joy to you all tonight.......thank you for my Transformation.


  1. Jilda I continually learn from you and am so grateful that I found your blog (and it has been years). Congratulations on your 5 years of blogging. Hugs.

  2. Congratulations on 5 years Jilda.. I've enjoyed my time that I've followed you... I may not have followed you since the beginning but I'll be there in the years to come ♡

  3. You probably don't remember, but we were sitting in McAlister's Deli in Collierville during a yoga training when you told me you wrote about my family in Hurricane Katrina. That was my first exposure to blogging. You encouraged me to begin writing again and here I am now. You were and still are a wonderful, valued influence in my life.

  4. Happy 5th Anniversary Jilda.
    You'll probably never know the full impact of your efforts to help someone transform their lives by your blog.

  5. Since I began reading your blog I have viewed it as a sort of journal. You jot down your feelings about the day to keep a record. I am constantly amazed at your even temper and goodwill to all people. You are a remarkable person.

  6. I've enjoyed your heartfelt words and feelings expressed here. You're an inspiration for how to handle difficult times with wisdom and sweet southern charm! It's crazy but I can feel the calm through the blog when you sign off with "Sweet dreams". Congrats on 5 blog years!