Monday, April 27, 2015

Cherish Those You Love

Our circle of life  shifted again last night, we lost another friend .......Mary Grace had fought cancer like no one I have ever known......she was a warrior, but enough was enough.
She has spread her wings and flown to freedom......freedom from disease and pain.

Charlie's funeral was a wonderful tribute to his life......there was laughter and tears.
We sung our songs today with hearts full of love and with much gratitude because we were lucky enough to be his friends.

Cherish those you love, life is short, even if you live to be 100.

RIP Mary Grace and Charlie, we will miss you both.


  1. You have lost two dear ones so close together. I mourn for your loss.

  2. Oh my, another one of your friends is gone. I'm sorry for your loss Jilda. I hope that you won't lose any more of your friends for a long time.