Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Night Thoughts

Pouring rain again today.......monsoons have hit......but the good news,  the pollen was washed away.
For the past few days, there had been so much pollen we could have grown plants on the the rain started this morning you could see the thick yellow goop swirling on the ground.

Classes were fun today, new students at work and at my community class.......I love to watch new students embrace yoga especially when they learn how good it makes them feel.  For most newcomers, yoga class is never what they thought it would be......most are usually surprised by how natural it feels.

I saw big yellow and black butterflies today enjoying the nectar from the jasmine......and the hummingbirds have been in a frenzy.  Spring brings such a change in wildlife to our neighbor hood.

I hope your Monday was a good one, that the rest of the week is smooth sailing......give someone a hug tomorrow....we all need one sometime.



  1. You had an eventful Monday. The rain is just beginning here. We have about 4 days of rain according to the weatherman.

  2. I would love to see more butterflies... I think they are so beautiful ... for now I enjoy them in pictures xox