Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Final March Musings

Dogs are such intuitive creatures.........Calliou knew today would be stormy.....long before the storms arrived.  After lunch, he began to follow me from room to room, making every step I did.  I knew I should check the weather......sure enough a storm was headed our way.  About an hour later, thunder and lightening, wind and hail and torrential rains........Calliou knew.

Still trying to adjust to the new schedule at work.........lots of deep breathing and knowing in my heart that this too shall pass. There is a loss of hours also, so trying to figure out how to make up the lost dollars.

Classes today were for chronic pain.....whenever the weather changes and the barometric pressure drops......if you suffer from chronic pain, you feel it.

Rick did a seminar today......seems we both have lagging energy tonight.....thank goodness we are off tomorrow......hopefully there will be rest and renewal.

Today is the last day of March 2015.......the first quarter of this year is gone.  I blinked my eyes and lost it.  March is going out like a lion tonight, and April is bringing in showers for May flowers tomorrow.

Lots of musings for this last day of the month, but we did a gratitude ceremony tonight.......gratitude comes first, no matter what the days bring.


  1. Change is never easy but always needed... I hope you figure out the shotag of money soon

  2. I depended on our dogs and the children when they were small to let me know a great many things. Their intuitiveness is invaluable.

  3. I can tell when the weather will change too . My old bones knows.
    Happy April Jilda.

  4. I hope that you guys get to rest today. I left work early as well yesterday because of the snow.
    Yes dogs are very intuitive.