Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Surprise Path

Rain tonight, cooler temps, maybe freezing again by next week......I knew old man winter would leave kicking and screaming.  Our local shelter had sent word out a few weeks ago that they needed spring clothing.......I thought, I won't be packing my winter things back until maybe mid-April.  I know that Easter is early and they probably do need spring clothing early, but it will be a few weeks before I make my donations.

A long time ago I read that if you purchase something new to wear, then you should give away an article of clothing for each one that you buy.........since reading that I try to practice it.  It made a great deal of sense, if I buy a new shirt or jeans, why hang on to the old ones?  It is so simple in our society to become a major consumer, we are bombarded 24/7 with  advertising urging us to buy.  It is easy for our wants to make us think they are needs.

Wow, sometimes when I sit down to write this blog, I never know where my fingers will take me.
I thought when I started tonight I would be writing about our ever changing weather, little did I know I would go down the path of consumption. Transformation information surprises me almost every night that I write.

On this hump day, I hope that you all are well and happy, warm and cozy.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. Your idea of donating an old piece of clothing when you buy a new one is a good idea.

  2. I rarely buy new clothes now as my weight has stayed the same for some time now. When my clothes gets a bit tired looking, I use them to work at the farm. That fixed that problem.

    Have a nice day.