Saturday, March 14, 2015


Build your career around your lifestyle, not your lifestyle around your career.  I saw this come across FB today and it made me take a deep breath.  I know so many whose lives are nothing but their friends outside of work, no hobbies......just their career.  I often ask what did you dream about doing as a child or teenager, for many their lives took a very different path.  And that is ok, if you are happy......but if not......then it's time to think about your lifestyle.

The saddest stories I hear are the ones where people have spent their whole lives working a job/career that was meaningless to them, and  because their careers sucked the life out of them, they never had the energy for anything else.  It is never too late, and yes most of us have worked at jobs that were not great, but don't let that rob you of life.  You can have a real life outside of work, one that is meaningful and enjoyable.  You might even find that the fatigue of the daily grind lessens when the after hours are spent doing what you love.

I hope your Saturday had at least one fun moment, one giggle and hug.
I hope your Sunday is filled with peace.


  1. I agree, work at what you love otherwise, what's the point.

  2. I'm glad I worked at something I really enjoy and can learn something new each day. I've seen folks who only have their jobs and it's not pretty when they lose that. Happy Sunday to you!