Friday, March 13, 2015

Enough For All

We went up to Berkeley Bob's coffee house tonight to hear some friends always the music was great, and we had a wonderful time.  We got there after the show started, but as I looked over my shoulder I saw a familiar face.........I recognized a yoga student and friend from a few years back.

She had moved away, but had become a yoga teacher, we had kept in touch through FaceBook.
I didn't know she would be there tonight......what a gift, and a great surprise.  Through the years that I have taught, I have encouraged probably five or six students and friends to become teachers.  The same has been true for encouraging singer/songwriters.......we have to encourage others, we have to have someone to carry the flame after we are gone.

Through the years,  I have met people who never encouraged others, who looked at everyone as competition.........I have many faults, but I hope that not encouraging those around me will never be one.  Those that I have inspired to become teachers and singer/songwriters have quite often inspired me......and made me proud......I believe there is enough.......enough for all of us if we share......


  1. Encouraging others to become the best they can be is a good sign that you're a good teacher. A good teacher always want to impart knowledge. I read that quote somewhere ages ago and it stayed with me.
    I'm glad that you saw a former yoga student at the coffee house. Always so nice to connect.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. A person who cannot encourage others is the one losing in the long run. Of course we hope they can learn from us but we also learn from them. It is a good feeling to see someone you have assisted in some way to be recognized for the same things you saw first.