Monday, March 23, 2015

Sofa Birthday

After the dishwasher incident last night, life took a tailspin .........I slept on the sofa last night and almost all day today, rotating ice packs, and advil every four hours.  Much better this evening, but what a way to spend my birthday.  Yep, today was my birthday.  I have never spent one on the sofa but I suppose there is a first for every thing.

I never really had back issues, so this "incident" has been a transformation for me.........never will I take for granted a healthy back.......I have a strong core because of all the yoga I do, cannot imagine going through this episode without the yoga background.  I have eaten yogurt, fresh fruit, nuts and LOTS of water.  The pain was so bad last night it caused nausea, but by this evening I did some VERY GENTLE stretches.

Since stopping the treatments two months I have felt so much better, more energy and stronger so even on the sofa today, I had so much to be grateful for.  It is hard to believe I have walked this earth 63 years.......time has passed so quickly.  I understand  more and more some of the things my mom told me before she passed, one in particular......." if I don't look in the mirror, there are days I don't know how old I really am........and then some days I know exactly how old I am." ;)

Wishing you all a restful Monday night.
Sweet dreams


  1. I know exactly what you mean I never feel as old ar I reall.xox ♡

  2. If it will make you laugh (which is healing) I will share a story. One year on my husband's birthday I had laryngitis. I could not speak above a raspy noise all day long. It was so frustrating to not be able to talk. It also makes it difficult to care for four small children. My husband said it was the best birthday he ever had!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday and hope your back heals real fast. So sorry you had to sleep on the sofa on your birthday but looking on the bright side, it's better sleeping on your sofa than in the hospital bed.

    Take care,