Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hello Spring

Hello spring!  Overnight we have had blossoms.....quite a cheery sight  to look out through bare woods and see golden bells.......
( forsythia) .    More rain and probably  more cold weather to come, but that's ok......spring is coming too.

I hope where ever you are tonight, tiny glimpses of spring are beginning to appear in your neighborhood.  That's the amazing trans formative powers of color after winter's bleakness......just a little will brighten your day.


  1. Talk about a shot of Spring hope with those pretty yellow blossoms. It always amazes me at the beauty and variety of colors and to see blossoms coming out of a hard branch early in the Spring
    Enjoy the pretty blossoms.
    With warm winds and sunshine yesterday, our snow really too a beating but there is still so much left. Thanks for the first sign of Spring.

  2. We've had some sunshine and warmer temps and I noticed the shoots coming out of the ground that was under tons of snow...that couldn't stop the circle of life! I'll be happy to see the bright yellow forsythia next month...hopefully!

  3. While our trees have yet to bud I have noticed that they look less gray. Trees seem to re-color themselves right before they begin to bud. I believe you. Spring is here.