Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Dishwasher Incident

Interesting Sunday evening, I was loading the dishwasher when suddenly white hot pain and the inability to straighten up right.  Rick helped me to the shower, pain is better now, but movement is interesting and rather restricted.  I have laughed to keep from, a unique experience, not one I have had before and not one that I would wish on anyone else.

All those years of yoga, and movement and then.......I load the dishwasher.....who knew?  Other than the dishwasher incident ( as this will come to be known) it has been a nice peaceful, rainy Sunday.
Wishing you all week of mild temps, sunshine and giggles.


  1. Jilda... I hope you are feeling better soon... I had this happen to me once many years ago, I bent the over to get something off the bed... the pain was incredible, it took me 3 days of rest to feel normal again... I hope and pray yours is quicker♡

  2. Hi Jilda, hope you are ok today. Rest.

  3. Oh back pain is horrible! A few years ago I bent over to pick something up and never experienced such horrible pain. As my son somehow got me in the car and to the doctor all I kept saying was "but I'm a yoga teacher!"
    I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Jack always says his patients usually are doing nothing more than brushing their teeth or doing a twisting motion when the back, ice, ice and ibuprophen if you can take is your friend..not heat! Hope all goes well. Being in good shape and a yoga instructor will also be in your favor..hang in there!

  5. I know of the pain in which you speak!!! Not fun at all. Now you must never clean up the dishes ever again! Hope you are 100% very soon. Go for a massage!

  6. It happened to me once just getting out of bed. I needed my husband to help me up to go to the bathroom and I couldn't even get myself dress.
    My back is much stronger now but it can still happen.
    Speedy recovery.