Friday, March 27, 2015

Hello Hummingbirds

Our first hummingbird looked in our windows this morning........just moments before I had told Rick I expected our little friends to show up at any time.  Since the front of the great room is glass and we hang the feeders in front of the big panes, that is where our ruby throats make their first appearance.
He darts in front  and then it appears he is looking in as if to say......ok guys, I'm here and I am hungry.

He made it just in time to be greeted by a spring cold front.......yesterday it was almost 80 it was barely 50......freeze/frost warning tonight.  I hope he has a warm place for the night.

The downside to  the arrival of spring......pine pollen.  There is already a light dusting on the cars, soon the privets will follow and allergy season will have us in its grip.

We have a gig tomorrow night, one that we always look forward to playing, a place called Hart and Soul in Birmingham.  The fun thing about it, our friends The Spook House Saints will be playing before us and many of our friends have already committed to the show.  We have practiced until our fingers and sore, so we are ready for fun.

I hope there is some fun on your schedule for the weekend, time with friends and family, plenty of hugs and be sure to laugh out loud.


  1. I love that name..Spook House Saints..I'm sure there's a story in there somewhere! Enjoy your gig and have a great weekend. Ours is full of funerals..the other side of life. However, even in those situations, love and laughter can happen.

  2. I put up our hummingbird feeder last Thursday when I heard that they were making their way to the area -- haven't seen any yet, but at least we're ready!

  3. How fun to have the hummingbirds at your feeders already.

    There are so many birds in singing in the backyard. They're arriving every day but still too early for the hummingbird here.

    Have fun at your gig.


  4. Hummingbirds and Spook House Saints. Eventful.