Thursday, March 5, 2015


Do you feel stagnant sometimes?  I have felt that way for the past few days......I feel the need to learn something new.  I will be taking a meditation course in the summer, but I want something now.....a yoga teacher training or a water color class or maybe a language class.........I have this urge to stretch my brain.  I also have the desire to experience silence.

Experience silence you ask........I use my voice daily......for teaching, for singing.......there are times that I wish for at least a twenty four hour period of silence.  I have looked at some weekend retreats, have any of you ever done a silent retreat?

Ruts are easy to fall into........they are comfortable.......but on occasion, I think we need to stretch our wings, expand our world.....that's what I am seeking these days.  I am putting it out there, the universe
will receive my desires and soon......something new will come my way I am sure.

On this cold Thursday night, the ice storm showed mercy on us and left us with traces of ice and bitter cold.......folks north of us did not fare so well.  Tender mercies are always appreciated.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams  


  1. Whatever you feel you need I am sure you will find. A silent retreat would probably do me in but I spend a lot of time in relative silence. Having lived in the city for so long I revel in the stillness of a more rural home.

  2. I've been on many silent retreats and they always leave me feeling refreshed and full of gratitude.
    I usually take a weekend retreat as I work and it's enough for me.

    So glad you were spared in the storm.
    Have a good day.
    Spring is just around the corner.
    Hang in there.