Saturday, May 31, 2014

Friends, Old and New

Kaye, Karen and I have been friends all our lives, there have been times that we lost touch, or life took us down different paths, but our love for each other stayed strong.  Karen's daughter, Bethany got  married this evening......a sweet beautiful ceremony.  Rick and I, and Kaye and Jamie sat at a table with four of Karen's friends......the old and the new......and you know, it seemed as though all eight of us had known each other for years.

I love the new friends, old friends is reassuring on so many levels.  You care about your friends so much, you want to be a part of their lives through thick and thin, old and new.  It's important that the circle of friends you are a part of, connects, respects and admires each a strange sort of way, all those friendships reflect on you, and how they interact means a great deal.

It was for me, an almost perfect night.....friends, good food, beautiful surroundings.  A thunder storm rolled in as we were leaving, the clouds though dark and threatening were beautiful.  As lightening streaked across the sky, we walked to the car, lights twinkled in the tent, the band played and laughter drifted across the parking lot......did I say almost perfect, it was perfect.  Friends.....old and new.....families joined is good.

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