Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Taz, the Yorkie, has a shoe fetish.....but only with my shoes.....and thank goodness not with my "good" shoes, but with my garden shoes, sneakers and yoga shoes.  She will bring one out in the open and sleep on it, its mate......she hides.  I have found my shoes, in the laundry room, hidden on the guest bed and on our bed.

At first, I thought she was angry with me and that's why my yoga shoes kept disappearing......she didn't want me to go to work......but now I realize, she just likes the stinky shoes.....the ones that truly have my scent on them.  She doesn't chew them.....it's as though she cuddles them.....and lord help us, if we try to take the one she has chosen away from her. She turns into "bad Taz".....a snarling, growling six pound monster.

She has only been with us for a few short months, but her personality is one of the most distinct I have ever seen. We have had dozens of dogs through the years, but none have had a shoe fetish....... or a treat fetish......she hides her treats also.  There is  never a dull moment since the Taz has moved in.

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