Thursday, May 8, 2014


My typical day after treatment.......most of the day has been spent on the sofa.  My energy is starting to return, the chills have backed off, and so far, no nausea ( happy day).

Taz has been my consent companion, she appeared at our door when I need her most( and it turns out, she needed us too)  For those of you who don't Taz, she is a Yorkie that showed up at our door back in Feb when it was 5 degrees.  It took us a while to communicate with her owners, but when they found out how sick I had been that month, and how she had never left my side they told us to keep her.  It turns out, Taz was very sick too, but she is much better now.  Today she has been my shadow, never letting me out of her sight, sleeping on the sofa with me.

It is amazing what good medicine pets can be, Calliou the wacky collie keeps an ever watchful eye on me when all is not well.  He and Taz have made every step I've made today.  I love my dogs.....and I think they love me.

Hoping for more energy tomorrow, it usually takes about four days to get back to "normal"......
for the first time in my life, I want to be normal.  :)

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