Sunday, May 4, 2014

Personal Battles

Some days the struggles that go on within each of us cannot be explained to the rest of the world.....
everything looks normal on the outside, but there is turmoil within.  There are some battles that are meant to be fought alone with one's self.

I think we all have those times, what we do and how we deal with them changes our lives, changes our path.  Once they are over, we move on, maybe never even telling anyone about our struggles.

Public battles shape us, and shape how we are looked upon by others, but the private ones that go on in our heads may be the ones that contribute the most to who we are.......they might also be the ones we replay over and over, wondering if we made the right choice, second guessing our decisions.

I believe that living our lives one day, one breath at a time keeps us sane, helps us to maintain some sense of normal when the inner battles are being fought.  There are no medals for those battles, no congratulations of a job well done......just the inner peace of knowing, you made it through one more time.


  1. And sometimes just making it through "one more time" is all we can do, and all that we should expect of ourselves. Blessings to you - Marsha