Monday, May 12, 2014

Mondays's an interesting day, the beginning of the week....often thought to be stressful, the return to work or school after the weekend.......I like Mondays.  Mondays are the opportunity to begin again......sort of like a new year......a new week, a new day.

If you had a bad week before, Mondays give you the opportunity to have a better one this week.  If you had a great weekend, you can tell everyone about it on Monday......if your weekend was lousy, then thank goodness, it's Monday.

Whatever your Monday has been.....good or's to the rest of the week.
May the full moon shine its silvery light on you and yours, may your skies be blue, the flowers sweet....may everything go as it should, and it will.


  1. My Monday was filled with pain...I worked in the pain clinic all day! ( not my favorite assignment) One of our patients was having a difficult time during his injection. After it was done he apologized (because of his behavior I guess). I said "Don't apologize. I didn't feel a thing!" Thankfully he did laugh! Have a good week!