Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weather Troubles

Silly me, I believed the weather guys today........it was almost 90 degrees with sunshine when I made it into work this afternoon.  Parking near the building, under the shade of the trees was not meant to be, so I park in the field in the full sun and decide to roll Ingrid's ( my Volvo) windows down because she hates the heat.  She's from Sweden, she likes things cool and brisk.  I rolled the windows down because the local weathermen said rain tonight and tomorrow.  In the middle of my classes this afternoon, the monsoons hit......I forgot about Ingrid's windows, until.......after work, I sat down in a very wet seat.

I have on yoga pants, thin as paper, a medium grey color.......I still have to drive to the other building and clock out.  Often when I clock out, there is no one in the lobby where HR is......not so today....a full lobby of patients waiting to check in.........and ..........because my yoga pants are thin and grey.....and my car seat was wet........my rear end is dripping. Yep, my big old yoga butt is wet as I go traipsing through the lobby and now everyone knows what type of underwear I wear.  I definitely look as though I might have had an unfortunate bathroom accident.  I do the fastest clock out ever, and speed walk through the lobby.....uttering curses at the weathermen and myself for listening to them.

Today is Tuesday, considering how many of you feel about Monday.......this was my Monday.
Tomorrow is Wednesday, hump day......I am off and Ingrid's windows will not be rolled down.....she is just going to have to learn to deal with the heat.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams  


  1. Our weather is so unpredictable here that I could never trust the weather man...

    Hopefully Wednesday is better for you :)

  2. LOL- That happened to me in a very fitted white dress one time! Maybe people just thought you were sweating from HOT YOGA! xo Diana

  3. Well, hopefully the heat will dry Ingrid out! We had tornado weather today and are sill under a warning....one touch down but only in a field. I do hope your Thursday is a good one!