Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Ramblings

Taz is not amused......we have baby chicks and she wants a chance to use them as moving targets for her training as a Ninja Yorkie.  She is fascinated by their chirps, and desperately wants to be up close and personal with them.......The next few days will be precarious for the chicks, keep your fingers crossed, we are keeping a watchful eye on Taz.

Classes were full today.......Jordan had spent the morning with us, so I was a little tired going in.....but I love it when the word is spread and the students race to get a yoga mat.  Having counselors who write in yoga as part of the treatment plan doesn't hurt.  As I watched the new faces experience yoga for the first time, it was thrilling......they walk in the door, apprehensive, defensive and sometimes cocky.....they leave smiling.  Understanding that yoga can be a tool to help you in recovery is big.

I think I hear my bed calling me, energy has been dropping for the past several days plus a low grade fever has been sucked the life out of me.....wishing you all a good night, sweet dreams.

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