Friday, May 2, 2014

Bad Fudge

Because my kid brother and I came along later in life, our childhoods were different than those of our older siblings.  We were living in Chicago in 1964, my mom worked a later shift than my dad so often he cooked dinner. ( with my help of course)  One afternoon my brother Ricky suggested we surprise Momma with home made fudge, my dad agreed that she would love it.
We found the recipe and proceeded to whip up what the three of us agreed would be the best fudge ever.

Something went horribly this day, I'm not sure what happened......but as Ricky and I took turns stirring the concoction, inhaling the sweet aroma we noticed it didn't look like the fudge that mother made.  It was dark, shinny and thick like molasses, actually getting thicker with each stir.
Daddy decided it had cooked long enough, been stirred long enough and just needed some freezer time.  We put pan with spoon in the freezer.   About 30 minutes before Momma was due home, we took a look at our masterpiece, we couldn't wait to pour it on the platter and cut those big thick chunks.

It was a solid blob of something that resemble a big chocolate lolly pop......the spoon was stuck in the middle.....nothing would come out of the was like a giant Tootsie Pop without the stick or the chewy center.  The three of us looked at each, all my dad could say was......throw it out, throw the pan, everything in the garbage, don't tell your this day, we never told our mom.

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  1. Great story! Amazing that 3 of you kept that secret forever. Do you ever wonder if she found out about it, but kept it to herself? Well, now I want to make fudge!