Thursday, May 15, 2014

Farm Fresh

We always plant our gardens later than most......we understand Alabama weather in the spring......between tornadoes, hail storms, winds and monsoonal rains, and extreme shifts in temperatures.......farming here is a crap shoot.  We waited until about a week and a half ago to plant, we made it through blackberry winter and hoped that the last of the chilly air was gone.
Tonight we will probably break our low temperature record for this date, high today was in the sixties, it should be mid-eighties......farming is not for wussies.  My respect for those farmers who make their living farming is immense.......we only farm to supplement our pantry and our families and friends pantries......I still bite my nails.

This summer if you get the opportunity to visit a farm, to buy fresh produce from the hands who tilled the soil for it.......please do so.  Eating and buying local food from its source is better for you, the environment and the people who grow it. You can taste the difference in a tomato that is grown a few miles away, versus the ones that are shipped from a thousand miles away.  Go pick yourself some fresh strawberries or blueberries, eat one warm from the sun and feel your taste buds smile.

Eating locally and seasonally just makes sense.......fresh berries, veggies and melons in the spring and summer are just what your body needs.......while greens and root veggies bring your body comfort in the fall and winter.  You should also try to grow something yourself, you can grow a tomato in a flower pot, potatoes in a barrel, lettuce on your window sill. There are many patio varieties of fruits and vegetables......just waiting for the weekend farmer to plant.  Who knows, you may love it so move to the country!


  1. I love our local produce and can't wait until harvesting season rolls around here. WE are so late this year-it is supposed to get down to freezing tonight. Have a great night- xo Diana

  2. Okay Jilda, you had me right up until moving to the country... I could start a garden and grow a few items because you are right... growing your own food makes it taste so much better and I do like to buy locally when I can... moving to the country... not going to happen for this city girl.. lol

    Have a great day tomorrow. :)