Saturday, December 7, 2013

World Just Keeps On Spinning

Pearl Harbor.......I always remember my mom talking about how the world turned upside down when the news broke about the attack.  My dad and his younger brother, James both joined up like so many other young men.......they were just kids, farm boys from rural Alabama who suddenly saw humanity at its worst.

Rick's uncle was Marvin was on the USS California, he was the first casualty of war from our county.
He was just a young country boy also.

I think about how the world changed for our parents on this day long would never be the same for any of them.  Young men saw the horror of war face to face, and so many of them never saw their families or country again.

Tonight, I think about war and how it seems we as a nation have learned nothing from the wars we have fought, the lives that we have lost and does seem that war has become business as usual and we go about our daily lives not knowing and not caring that we still are fighting and people are still dying, and that those who come back will never be the same.......and history just repeats itself....and the world just keeps on spinning.


  1. Pearl Harbor was indeed a day that changed the course of countless lives, if not the world.

    I've always said as long as men are in power, wars will prevail. Perhaps that's sexist, but I believe it to be true.

  2. I'm beginning to think that no matter what, people can never just play nice in the sandbox. My Dad fought in WWII and I read his beautiful letters to my Mom at that time. You can feel his sadness as the letters go on over the years he was gone...the hope and optimism that he started with just slowly ebbed away. He was lucky though. He returned home (even though he had gotten injured) after 4yrs and went on to live a happy and fulfilled life. I keep encouraging Mom to have the letters published so they never get lost or fade away. They are history! I know she'll never forget Dec. 7th.