Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Miracle

A student talked with me at length  yesterday about finding spirit.  He told me of a couple of instances that had happened in his life, of people that he had met that had exhibited so much love and compassion......he knew they were different......they were living the life, walking the walk, talking the talk like no one else he had ever met. He talked about how shaking one man's hand sent a surge of
love through him that he had never felt before.

I told him about my friend who is a Buddhist Monk, about how the first time I met him, the peacefulness that seemed to shine from his being.  I knew right away, he was different, like no one I had ever met before. I have known many many religious people, but none that I had ever met had the presence and aura of love like my friend has.

I truly believe there are those among us who vibrate at a much higher frequency than most......their faces, their eyes, their voices are different....they walk among us filled with compassion and no feel the love that they have for all humanity.  My prayer is that those people will become more common place, that it won't be that rare instance, that chance meeting......but our lives will be touched daily, by their love, their compassion and  their need not to judge.

That for me, would be a Christmas miracle.....more love for humanity, less judgement.


  1. Thank you for this wonderful post. I have only run across this type of aura/energy a few times in my life. You are right, they are special beings and are very rare. I'm wishing for your Christmas miracle too. Merry Christmas!

  2. That truly would be a gift, wouldn't it?

  3. What a beautiful post .........
    and one never knows ....there maybe enough of us wishing. hugs from downunder