Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Treatment #24

Treatment # I count my blessings, today my heart is full of gratitude.  In the past few days I had to have more tests, a new doc and a terrifying probable diagnosis......good news the tests came back negative and I am deliriously happy.  I know that much love, many prayers and good thoughts were sent my way this week and my heart overflows with joy.

The big green chairs proved a source of comfort today, I needed the nurture and care of those angels in blue.  I am getting extra meds, and the drip has been slowed again, but all is well.  There was a feeling of joy in the infusion room today.  Another of my chair buddies came in smiling, he only has two more treatments to go.....there is light at the end of his tunnel, and today, he could see it.  He glowed with happiness.

My friend Louis, came and spent time with me and there was much laughter in those green chairs.
We poked fun at the Christmas tree our angels in blue had place at their was red, crooked and stood about five inches tall.......I suggested we make it into a hat, and the tiny packages underneath could be earrings.

More good news, another chair buddy doesn't have to come back until March, she almost danced out of the room.......Christmas came early for those of us who sit in the big green chairs today, blessings were counted and gratitude spilled from all our lips......those moments are cherished when you sit in the big green chairs.

Two years.....I remember that first day of treatment, how scary those big green chairs looked,
how sad and depressing the room seemed, and how stressed those angels in blue looked.......I never thought I would find joy in that big green chair, or love, or hope.......but I have found all of that and more.......I have found friendship, faith, happiness and peace......along with the sadness of death and in those big green chairs is different and once you sit in them, you and your life become different......I never thought I would say this, but I am grateful for those big green chairs.......for the people that have sat in them beside me, for the nurses and doctors who take care of life changed for the better because of those big green chairs........24 months, two years......for every day I am grateful.


  1. It's funny what trials are sent our way and how we handle them. You have such a great outlook on life. I'm grateful also for those chairs..they have given my best friend Donna a chance for a longer life..more time for us to laugh and share in life's problems and goodness together. I'm glad your tests have come back negative. I hope you're feeling OK tonight and the rest of the week. I know how those treatments can kick butt!

  2. So happy you had good test results! I love that your chair buddies were so happy and it flowed through to your post.