Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Gathering

A small gathering of took place this afternoon.... such a cold rainy wintry evening, but inside all was warm and loving and joyful.  My friend Kaye invited a few of us to spend the afternoon with her and Jamie.  It was my favorite type of visit, small and intimate, lively conversation, good food, surrounded by loving friends......this is good medicine, the kind that we all need.

Our friends, Jon and Diana went with us to Kaye's and Jamie's.......Jon and Diana are friends, writing and performing partners.......really and truly, family.  We all love movies, and our recommendations can be quite unique......this evening we discussed everything from Eraserhead  to The Decoy Bride.

We can never all spend time together  without discussing music as well,  today was a trip down memory lane, recalling concerts that we saw when we were  young and wacky.  As we sat there and talked about the New Year, what we wanted......what we visioned for ourselves in 2014, I thought, how lucky I am, to be in this room with these  incredible, bright, talented people who are also loving and caring.

I hope that your weekend has been what you needed.......whether it be rest, shelter, food, love or excitement......may your Sunday bring peace and all good things.


  1. Sounds like you took your own advice and had a fabulous final weekend of 2013. I still can't believe this year is done! Good wishes to you in the new year!