Friday, December 27, 2013

Mixed-up Schedule

Classes today, to make up for being off on felt strange to teach on a Friday.
Not sure about all of you, but with holidays in the middle of the week.......I am all confused!
I thought yesterday was Monday, today felt like Tuesday......who knows what tomorrow will be.

At least next week, my schedule goes back to normal......Monday and Tuesday will be the last yoga classes I teach for 2013.......I know I blinked my eyes in 2012 and suddenly I am a few days away from 2014.

Time to start on 2014 Vision Board, have some thoughts, just need to put them down, find the pictures and phrases and make it happen.......I have written about my Vision Boards ever since I started this blog, if you have never made it this year, it will change your life.  I will post pictures of mine as soon as it is ready.

Make the most of this weekend, it is the last one of the something remarkable.

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