Thursday, December 19, 2013

Encore Performance

An encore performance.......Jordan's teacher asked us to come back to the kindergarten class room today to read "The Night Before Christmas."  It was also their Christmas party and energy was boundless in that room filled with five year olds.

Rick started the reading and after a few pages, I watch their faces, see their expressions,
hear their laughter and excitement......there was Christmas spirit.  If you can't find your Christmas spirit, I urge you to spend time with will find it.

They sat enthralled as we read, holding on to every word, their smiling faces and sparkling eyes looking up at Rick and I as we read about St. Nick's visit.  After the story, we sang Christmas carols.....I thought last week was something.  School is almost out, Santa's coming, it was party time and there were gifts under the tree, these kids did some singing........the grand finale......"All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."........seems everyone of them had been visited by the Tooth Fairy in the past week.

The teacher gave us a standing invitation.......we are welcome to come visit anytime......tomorrow, we play for the local college faculty at their Christmas brunch........I bet they won't be nearly as much fun as our audience today.

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