Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1

December 1......24 months of treatments, can I do this the rest of my life?

December 1......all of my siblings gathered together today, a Christmas gathering of sorts, no gifts, just the love of family and good food

December 1.....cold, grey cloudy day, this would have been Rick's mom's 89th birthday

December 1......24 days til Christmas

December 1....making a list, checking it twice

December 1.....a month of birthdays for our families, my mom's on the 7th, Rick's sister, Mary Lois on the 12, my nephew Haven's on the 21, my niece Jayna's on the 23, Haven's wife, Alesha's on the, that's a lot of birthdays!

December 1.....winter, the shortest day of the year, bare trees, cold frosty mornings and maybe if we are lucky......snowflakes.

December 1.......Christmas cookies, painting Christmas cards, shopping, decorating a tree, wrapping gifts, visits with friends and family......a busy time.

December 1......a time to look back and reflect, a time to look ahead and hope

December 1.....the CD, we play it every year on December 1, one of my most favorite CD's yourself a favor, if your spirit needs lifting, buy yourself a copy, December by George Winston

December thing I have learned, time goes much slower when you are a child.

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  1. Time does go much slower as a child and we had so much energy that it was torture waiting for Christmas or any big event back then! Now it's torture trying to get it all done with half the energy and desire to rush through this month! But I always get it done and I always enjoy it and you mentioned so many of the reasons why: Family, food, music and time to reflect and look toward a new year. I hope you have a wonderful month and hopefully treatments won't have to be forever. My Christmas wish for you is super health restored!