Friday, December 13, 2013

Keep It In Perspective

Something dawned on me today, I had noticed it during Thanksgiving, but it truly hit me today......holidays have lost their urgency with me.  I had 25 people coming to my house for Thanksgiving dinner and never panicked, not even when that morning the side-effects from my treatments were raging and Rick had to fetch my niece to help me with the cooking.

It's that way now, I know I have a great deal to do before Christmas, I still have to shop, paint cards and decorate our tree, but there is no panic, no sense of urgency.  I finally understand how important it is to enjoy your time and not waste it with worry about things that won't matter five years from now.

Students have been asking me more and more how they can become like me......I find it puzzling, I always smile and ask them what they are talking about it.......they tell me they want my peace.
I wish I could them my/their peace, but we have to find/make our own.  Life will always have its difficulties, its ups and downs.......we just have to learn that is life......enjoy the good, and get through the bad, one breath at a time, one day at a time.

During this holiday season, if you find yourself panicked, please try to keep life in perspective......yes, the holidays are wonderful and we create great memories during them, but they are only a small part of our lives.......what we remember, what we cherish, what we become, is way more than holiday celebrations and traditions.....your kids might not remember the toys you got them, but they will remember how cranky and stressed you were or the tears you shed because something wasn't grateful, smile.....and don't forget to breathe.


  1. What a great reminder of things that are important. You are so right- I can remember preparing for my daughter's BIG wedding and my friend said, as we were coming down to the wire, don't worry about it- get done what you can get done and as soon as it is TIME for the wedding let everything else go- it won't matter anyhow- (and it didn't). Great advice here- xo Diana

  2. Best holiday advice anyone could ever get!!