Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rainy Night

We braved the freezing cold to get our Christmas tree yesterday.......the winds whipped around the hills of the tree farm, and I forgot my hat......I think my head is still frozen.  I decorated the house last night, our tree sits in its bucket out in the yard in the pouring rain.  It has rained all day, so I figure the tree will come in  later in the week and be decorated by next weekend.

Today our music think tank friends came over, what a treat!  Good friends, music, and lots of food.....and pouring rain.  I think our universe has shifted and somehow, Alabama has become part of Ireland the past few days.  The rain pours, the drops of rain, along with the acorns bounce on the tin has a rhythm of its own.

Calliou has slept most of the day......he is a wise dog, what else should you do when it is rainy and cold?  His favorite place to sleep on a rainy day? under the house.......but tonight, he has found his way to the couch and refuses to give me an inch of space to sit.  Dogs do own their owners don't they?

Wishing you all a rainy night, a warm cozy bed, and the sweetest of dreams.

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  1. Yes, dogs... and cats... do own their owners, or at least, they hold our hearts. And really, would you want it any other way?

    It's rainy in the Atlanta area, too, and finally a little cooler than it's been recently. I don't want cold weather, but the mid-seventies is a little too warm for Santa.