Monday, December 2, 2013

Mother Nature's Critters

The cold rainy weather has brought on a slew of critters looking for food.......the birds have been amazing.  Today, before I left for work there must have been at least fifty birds at our feeders......doves, cardinals, jays, woodpeckers.....our yard looked like one of those all you can eat places with an early bird special.

That's the beauty of windows floor to ceiling.......we can be all warm and cozy.....but Mother Nature is an open book that we read daily from our living room sofa.

Tonight on the drive home, within a quarter mile of our least six or seven deer....they are lucky, still lots of acorns and hickory nuts to munch on.....and always suet and bird seed at the Watson house.

Wishing you all your very own visit with Mother Nature's critters, may they delight and amaze you.

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