Friday, December 6, 2013

75 Kids

So, Jordan invited us to his school to sing Christmas carols.......we thought it would only be for his class.......we sang Christmas carols with FIVE kindergarten classes (75 kids and their teachers).
It was so much fun......these kids sang with enthusiasm and gusto.  Afterwards, we got to share snack time with them.....they kept telling us we looked like Mr. and Mrs. Clause.  Years ago, I was a teacher's aide in a kindergarten class, today I remembered how much fun it was.......five year olds are the best.

This afternoon we did a book signing with our friend Brenda at the local mall.  We have had a busy day, but a fun one.  I feel the Christmas spirit tonight, ready to shop, wrap, put up a tree and do my cards.  75 kids will do that to you......each and everyone said thank you and wished Rick and me a Merry heart just melted.

Tomorrow, Jordan will help me decorate the house, next week, we do the tree and his Charlie Brown tree.  If you have children in your family, do a Charlie Brown tree, they love it.......we cut a branch, decorate it with homemade ornaments, string some lights on is all his, to decorate any way he chooses.  It will make some memories, I assure you.


  1. Hi Jilda, your husband found my blog through Bouncin' Barb and I've found you through him. Don't you just love the blogging world?!

    A swarm of five year olds singing Christmas carols is a wonderful thing. Even the Grinch couldn't resist that charm! I hope you enjoy your decorating :)

  2. You and Rick are just so awesome! Those kids will remember that for years to come.