Monday, July 15, 2013


Zinnias straight from my garden, in a pitcher that our nephew David made, on my grandmother Mamie's tablecloth.
I love "old maids" (where did that come from), they are such happy flowers.  My plants are almost waist high, soon the sunflowers will be blooming.

One of my dreams as a child........a flower garden full of flowers, so that I could pick as many bouquets as I wanted.  My grandmother Mamie's yard was full of flowers, she always let me pick as many as I could carry home.......I do the same with our nieces and nephews.

Fresh flowers in the house just feel right........nothing says welcome like flowers......on the table, in the bathrooms, in the bedrooms, on the porch.  In the winter I have actually cut pine and cedar branches  and placed  them in vases around the house . I also cut fresh herbs and mix with the flowers in the spring and summer.
Thanks for letting me share my bouquet with you tonight.   Wish I could send you an arm full of flowers.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. And I wish I could get them. I love fresh cut flowers and we have NONE this year- I lost most of my flowers this past winter. xo Diana

  2. Your Zinnias are beautiful. I planted a tray of Zinnias one year and the next morning the leaves had been totally eaten by earwigs. I never planted them again. I still have earwigs and this year they stripped my Marigold. They hide by day and eat at night.


  3. Thank you for sharing these beautiful flowers with us. I love those colors. I should be doing the same. (I love flowers too).

  4. So pretty! I love fresh flowers too. When my Sister comes for a visit she always goes in the yard and comes back with a bunch of flowers and greenery and makes the prettiest bouquets. Thanks for sharing your garden with us!