Saturday, July 27, 2013

Small Town Saturday Night

Saturday night in a small town, there is nothing like it........tonight we did a benefit for Backyard Blessings.
A local organization that helps to feed our local school children on weekends during the school year.
We live in a poverty stricken area, this organization sent over 13,000 bags of food home with children this .  past school year.  Children who get lunches when they are at school, but very little when they are home on the weekends.   It's hard to believe isn't it that so many in America have so little.
We have helped with this fundraiser since it started three years ago.
Tonight, we ate hot dogs, drank lemonade, listened to local groups perform, watched tons of kids play on jump jumps and heard laughter ring throughout the local park.  I can promise you, many who were there have little, but everyone gives what they can........and everyone there had a good time.
Nights like this one, give me hope........there were no dividing lines, no politics.....nothing but average folks
doing all that they can to help each other out.......what a great night.

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  1. What a nice event, Jilda. Very inspiring on many levels.