Sunday, July 28, 2013

Set the Timer

Five  minutes........Rick and I talked about all the irons we both have in the fire on any given day and how stressed we get when things begin to pile up.  One of the things that I have been trying to do, spend five at least five minutes a day on the important things, on each one.......if I need to send e-mails, for five minutes that is all I do......make calls, five minutes and nothing else gets my attention....fold laundry, five minutes....
straighten book shelves or closets, five minutes......What can I tell you? for me, it is amazing how giving something your un-divided attention for five minutes works.
Five minutes, walk.......five minutes, breathe.......five minutes, play vocals......dust furniture.....
clean bathroom.....
Things are  more organized, I can see my to do list growing shorter and I am much less stressed.
I have always had a day planner, but I would look at that to do list and panic sometimes....... now,
I look at it, spend five minutes and before I know it, many times by the end of the day......everything is done.
To be honest, often just getting started on something for me is the hardest part, especially if I know it is a lengthy task......but starting it with the intent of only spending five minutes, well many times I end up spending the  amount of time I knew it would take because I spent the first five minutes getting started and before I knew it, the task is complete.
I know that sometimes, even five minutes is difficult to find but try it.......five minutes might just work for you.
Five minutes, set the timer.

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