Friday, July 12, 2013

The Key of Balance

The monsoons have backed off for a few days......we actually had blue skies and sunshine today.
Our garden looks great, but is not producing, too much rain......all plant, no produce.  Needs balance, just like we do.  Too much rain, not enough rain, too cold, too hot, too much sun, not enough.........
we really are the same, we need a balance of fresh air, sunshine, food, rest, exercise, time with friends and family.  Balance is the key to everything in life.

These treatments I'm receiving each month have taught me valuable lessons about balance.  I understand, truly understand what happens to the body when it is pushed past its limits.  I get what rest is about now, and why the body needs it ( I knew before, I just didn't think it applied to me) ha,ha.  Today, I lived in balance......spent time outdoors, walked, ate good food, did something just for me(got a new hair do) spent time with Jordan (he's five, he makes everything fun) and rested.

I will be the first to admit that I don't stay in balance, but I try harder these days.  Without your health, it doesn't matter what you have, who you are, where you makes life worth living.  So, even though I go down the slippery slide occasionally, I spend a great deal of my energy  holding on to my health.  I know what life is like without it......and how wonderful it is with it.......balance, yin and yang......what we need to thrive....and live.


  1. I see the results of out of balance lives every day. I get paid to help put it back. Most of what I see could be prevented. It makes me mad to see some patients just continue to abuse their bodies when people like you work so hard to regain their health that was taken away by no fault of their own. I'm glad you're finding your balance!

  2. You are so right about balancing our lives, we need physical balance, emotional balance and spiritual balance and all the rest will be balanced in our lives.

    Have a sweet weekend.

  3. This is an excellent reminder, Jilda. Thank you for these wise words. I needed them.