Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Week of All Good Things

Two more songs down, a few more to go......this cd is like birthing a child(what do I know, I've never had one, but I have heard stories)  Our goal, cd to be ready by the end of LOT of work to be done......songs done over and over, lines over and over.....what sounds good one day, the next day sounds scary.  How  do you make this happen?
We don't have the luxury of going in like rock stars, spending two weeks, day and night and coming out with a finished product.......bits and pieces here and there.....some tears, a lot of sweat......and laughter.
Playing two hour gigs build skill, voices, polishes the rough spots....and soon you learn what works and what doesn't.

Now,we have to think about cover art, is an interesting process.  After all that cover will be around for a long time (hopefully) and so will the cd (hopefully) it is a work of love a long time coming.
Age and illness push do the things you always wanted to do, to accomplish or at least try to, some of your dreams.  One of things  the practice of yoga has taught me......things happen when they should......what can I say, life has taught me happens when it happens, not necessarily when you want it to......and sometimes it doesn't happen at all......but at least you try.

I can promise you this..... when the cd is will be announced......probably more times than anyone cares about......but there will be a celebration.....and a cd release concert somewhere, sometime.
I will keep you posted.

Wishing you all a week that is peaceful
a week of love and kindness
a week of all good things.

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  1. Wow, how fun! Well, OK, I know it's a ton of work, but to see a dream come true must be an incredible feeling. Put me down for a copy....hey, am I your first sale? Ha! Wishing you a good week too!