Friday, July 5, 2013

Compassion For Self

Classes on compassion and healing today..........being in an addiction center away from your friends and family on a holiday is students were glad to see me today.
Everyone thinks because they can love others, that they have compassion........but, you also have to have compassion for yourself.  How many can look in the  mirror and honestly say, you love yourself.
Body and spirit cannot heal without compassion.
As classes ended today, students stood a little straighter, spoke more kindly and smiled.  Many of them don't realize the safety net they have there at the center.......sometimes reality hits hard when they go home.
That's why it is so important they understand compassion and the part it plays in their lives. Compassion for yourself, makes  it very difficult to destroy your body and spirit with substance abuse.
Compassion for yourself, enables you to feel more compassion for others and helps you to understand  how your decisions touch everyone in your life in some way.
It was an emotional day, I am drained.......but I felt the love in that small room today, I felt the compassion.


  1. I give you so much credit for the work you do to help people. I see many drug addicted patients that require was good much many many times we've heard the story told over and over again. You can't fool anyone in medicine..the tests don't lie but I felt bad for him knowing that at 48yrs he looked 78, an age he'll never live to see. I also felt bad for his family sitting quietly waiting. I wonder how many times they've done that for him? I hope the ones that you reach in your classes have success. In our personal life my hubby's brother died because of drug addiction..sometimes it's the only way they get better..unfortunately.

    1. I agree with Yaya. Bless you for the work that you do.

  2. What a "jogger". I have a lot of compassion for others but not much for myself. I know I am way too hard on myself and expect more of myself than I would EVER expect from anyone else. Thanks for all you do for others-and the compassion you show them. xo Diana