Sunday, July 14, 2013


Rick and I were watching "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" tonight and a realization dawned on me.........I love transformations.  Ha! no wonder I named this blog Transformation Information!  I love seeing people
(whether in real life or movies) strive to better themselves, to make better happier lives.  Ha! no wonder I work at an addiction center!  I see a pattern here.........sometimes I'm a  little slow. :)

I don't enjoy someone else's troubles, it does not make me feel good to see another human suffer, to see someone make a bad choice.  I love to see others succeed.  I know, I should have been a cheerleader......( I wasn't cute enough).  I suppose now, I am somewhat of a life coach maybe?.......I just know it does my heart good to see friends, family and even those I don't know succeed.  I figure if those around us are doing good, the good will spread to all of us.  There's plenty to go around, enough for all.  Hoarding never gives you more, it just makes you more afraid.

I hope that this week brings good transformation for all of us, that the stars align, the gods smile and the angels sing........wishing you blessings of abundance, days of joy, nights of peace.


  1. I'm with you, Jilda. We are in the "business" o helping people transform their lives through knowledge and it is a wonderful journey-xo Diana

  2. Thanks for the transformation wishes and blessings..right back at ya! (not that you need transformed!) I love that movie...being Greek I lived some of favorite cousin's name was Nikki!

  3. I feel the same way about helping people feel good about themselves. I'm a nurturing kind of person.