Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Goodbye Pieter

I knew the moment I saw him, he had been in the military.......I have spent way too much time teaching yoga to those who serve, there truly is a difference.
Pieter and his wife Vicki walked into the infusion room several months ago, actually back in the fall.  It was one of those days that Rick had taken a box of his books with us to give to the other patients.

Vicki spoke first, she recognized Rick because she had worked for one of the newspapers that carried his column.  We became friends......they were in love, they were full of life and hope and optimism that Pieter
would beat the cancer.  Every time we did treatments together, he was so brave, so courageous, so full of spirit.

He had fought in Viet Nam, and like so many had been exposed to Agent Orange..........did we have a clue what exposure to that chemical would do to so many?  We sat and talked, he was proud of the work that I was doing with those in the military who had addiction issues........he encouraged me to give all that I could.

They came in the infusion room after Christmas beaming, they looked ten years younger.  Pieter was done with chemo, there were no traces of the cancer in his body.  Everyone in the room celebrated, everyone
in the room felt hope in their hearts.

In April, Vicki e-mailed me.......the cancer was back with a vengeance, it had appeared in his brain......not much hope.  Of all things, he was worried about me........I assured them I was fine, he had to be too.

This morning came the news,  Pieter fought his last battle.  Some may think that the cancer won......but I choose to think, somewhere, someplace........Pieter is leading his troops again.....young, healthy and whole.
RIP Pieter
I will miss you.


  1. Jilda, that was so beautiful. Thank you for that. We loved you and Rick right from the start.

  2. Oh- I am so sorry, Jilda. I, too, think that he is free now...but how sad for those he left behind. My hubby works with cancer patients every day of life...as I used to...we have seen the miracles...the wins....and, sadly, the losses. God bless you tonight and give you comfort- xo Diana

  3. I have lost too many relatives and friends to this horrible disease. I hope we can find a way to irradiate all forms of cancer.
    Many hugs to you and your dear friends family...

  4. Sorry that your friend left you so soon but I'm glad that he was a part of your life and that you were a comfort to him.