Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pennies from Heaven

Seeing friends, hearing from friends.......this has been my lucky day.  Seeing someone or hearing from someone you have been thinking about is like pennies from heaven..........small gifts, meant to make you smile.

Today, I received so many pennies my bank is full. I have friends scattered across the four corners of everywhere......and I love hearing from them......I also have many friends who live near us, but for whatever
reasons, don't see each other that often.  Today, calls, texts and physical visits all came into play......and life is good.

I read an interesting theory a few years back......basically that when you think of your friends, they too, are thinking of you.   Wouldn't that be great if it were true........not really communicating, but just thoughts of each other at the same time.

This has been a weekend of rest, a time to work in the flowers, do some laundry and just hang. I know for many it was  vacation and travel  time......I 65, the route to the beach was jammed yesterday and today.  If I had been out of town, those pennies from heaven would not have come my glad we stayed home.
Here's wishing you all a week filled with pennies from heaven, may all your banks be filled.
Goodnight Sweet dreams


  1. Today I called my daugher-in-law and she said: "I was just going to call you!" So I think you're right about thoughts going out to others..better than email! A "staycation" is the way our summer is going to continue..that's OK with me! I'm not fond of fighting crowds! Have a good day tomorrow!

  2. I have one friend that lives a half country away from me. We have always been in tune with each other and have sometimes picked up the phone at the exact same moment to call the other one and either have gotten a busy signal or found the other person waiting for us to answer. Weird, I know. xo Diana

  3. That has happened to me many, many times. I think that there is some truth to what you say.
    Hope you get another piggy bank for today to fill up.